3 Things That Affect The “Home” Of Your Microbiome

Microbiome needs a good environment to thrive on our skin and in our gut.

What is microbiome?

The microbiome is the superheroes that live inside our body and on top of our skin. Without them, we are not able to fight infections or diseases. We have millions of microbiome in our gut and if we don’t take great care of them they decrease as we age. They also come in different shapes and sizes just like us, yet each and every one is unique.

Our first microbiota is built from our mother during natural vaginal birth or from breasts milk. They are like our 2nd brain that communicates with our hormones and immune system.

What affects our microbiome?

In order to maintain the microbiome, your mama gave it to you since your birth there are a few factors that you might need to take note of in order to continue to maintain the microbiota, if not introduced more in your body. So basically, we are made of microbiome rather than many cells.

Too much of sterilizing!

Sterilising kill microbiome

In this modern age with modern medical technology, Doctors/Major Brands always urge children or even the adults to use products that kill 99.9% of the bacteria. But, little do we know that 99.9% does not only kill the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria. Yes, we need to wash our hands before eating but soap is usually not necessary unless it is really needed.  Do we really need anti-bacterial wipes? Do we really need alcohol to contain anti-bacteria gel? I would say, No.

Alcohol anti-bacteria products dry out our skin instead of killing bacteria. In order to give your microbiome a good living environment, try to reduce sterilizing your skin! Prevent using body shower products that contain alcohol, avoid sanitized your body/hands too much because they will do its job by killing the bad bacteria.

The foods that we eat.

Many people would think of the gut when they came across the word MICROBIOME and indeed, one of the issues that you might suffer from sickness is due to bad gut health and leaky gut. Food that is high in SUGAR multiplies bad bacteria as they feed on it. It’s always good to cut sugar and introduce real food and fermented food into your daily diet. The importance of probiotics and prebiotics is very important to maintain a healthy gut too, as our microbiome mostly comes from the food we eat. Chemical oral products could potentially destroy your gut microbiome.

Reduce sugar, introduce more real unprocessed food into your daily diet. Get sufficient nutrients from fruits and vegetables and you can watch your health improve because you are what you eat!

Chemical products!

I cannot emphasize enough how chemical products can cause damage to your microbiome on your skin. Do you know? There is a layer of the microbiome sitting on our skin? During our recent trip to Kyoto, Japan we were told that there are also microbiome living inches away from your skin protecting you from harm. Skin injuries like cuts heal faster due to the help of microbiome, sometimes it prevents your skin from getting harm from toxic chemicals. Without them, we could have rotted away easily if we were to come in contact with any mild toxic chemicals. *eeks*

Chemicals affect microbiome

Why do some people get allergic to sweat and the heat from the sun? The number of microbiomes is the reason for these reactions! Preservatives in skincare, household products, and bathroom products can stop the growth of microbiome. Choose natural and organic products without preservatives, alcohol, and harsh chemicals. If possible, research more on a particular brand that you like, the ingredients they use and how can it benefits your microbiome in a long-term instead of giving you the instant effect.

Whereas BLACK PAINT products not only are natural and organic they are also formulated to allow our microbiome to thrive on our skin, sweat and dirt on the skin are usually acidic and Black Paint soaps are alkaline to balance the pH so that the microbiome is able to grow and do its job.

Protect your microbiome as it has always been there protecting you, too.