7 Must Know Skincare Tips Onboard The Airplane

Must know skincare tips onboard the plane because of the higher the altitude, the thinner the atmosphere. Hence the air is drier and UV rays are stronger.

It’s also important to take care of our skin when onboard the plane to our next adventure!  We don’t need dry, flaky lips upon reaching the city of love or potentially meeting the love of the life!

Here are the must-know 7 skincare tips onboard the plane! 

1. Sunscreen is a must

use sunscreen while travelling to protect your skin

The higher the altitude, the lesser the atmospheric density. That means, the air is so thin up there that there is minimal protection from the sun, thus UV rays are felt to be stronger! Also, plane windows are not designed with UV ray protectors.

2. Use rich moisturizers

carry rich moisturizers on board with you!
Due to the thin atmospheric level, while being in the plane at the altitude, the density of oxygen is lesser. Therefore, the air is technically lacking in water content, and contributes to us having drier skin! So a thick & rich moisturizer is essential for flights, be it a long haul or 2-hour long flight.

3. Bring a few pieces of paper sheet mask – It’s simple and easy!

bring facial sheet mask on your trip

One of the quick and easy ways to replenish moisture to your skin for a long while on board is by using a paper mark in flight! Thin and compact, it is easy and convenient to carry a few pieces of the paper mask on board. Just remember to select the ones that have enough nutrients and moisturizing agents for your skin 🙂

4. Say no to Chapped Lips!

take good care of your lips especially when you are on board

The drying effect of flying affects not only your face but your lips, too! Cracked lips not only look bad, but it would be awfully painful as well! *ouch*

Always have a nutrient-rich lip balm with you in the bag to keep your lips moisturized. Alternatively, you can bring some coconut oil in a small spray bottle. Coconut oil not only moisturizes your lips, but it also tastes good! At the same time, you can use the coconut oil to oil pull if you have forgotten your toothpaste while onboard.

*Tip*!!: Do not lick your lips when they are dry. The more you lick your lips, the dryer it gets, as water evaporates faster than oil does. This causes your lips to feel constantly dry then it needs to be!

5. Drink Plenty of Water

drink plenty of water while travelling helps hydrate your skin

Many people would ask for coffee or tea while on board, which dehydrates your body faster. A dehydrated body can lead to serious illnesses along the way. It will also make you feel more fatigue, which may give you a headache (experienced before, and it’s not fun at all!).

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the flight to rehydrate yourself internally. If you need to visit the toilet often, don’t forget to select or ask for an aisle seat.

6. Get some Sleep

get some sleep when you are on board

Sleep is very important, especially on your long-haul flight to somewhere of a different time zone. Sleeping helps your organs to detox and refresh so we don’t fall sick easily. If you tend to have trouble sleeping on planes, try to get a window seat to be able to lean your head on the sides. Otherwise, bring your own neck pillow and blanket on board, to get some comfy-ness while on board 🙂

Still, have troubles sleeping? You might want to look into bringing some melatonin or valerian herb supplements with you, especially if you are going for time-zone differences.

7. Give yourself a Face Massage

massage your face on trip

Your face needs blood circulation, too! Love yourself with some simple face massage, by gently massaging around the eye area to improve under eye dark circle appearance. Rub both palms to heat up and place gently on both of your eyes. It helps to relax and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes. We also did a Face Yoga article that you could use and practice the moves.

Let you know a secret of mine! I carry a plane-size (less than 100ml) BEST WATER with me on the plane to constantly keep my skin hydrated! Besides replenishing my skin with water it also helps soothe sunburns and relieve mosquitoes bites itch.

Black Paint hereby wish you a safe and fun trip ahead of your adventure(s)! Happy Holidays?