What is Microbiome?

There is a colony of microorganisms known as microbiome that reside on the surface of our skin and inside our human body. These microorganisms, also known as microbes, mainly consists of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The microbiome is microscopic in size, definitely not visible to the naked eye.

Where is it found?

The microbiome is known commonly to be found in your gastrointestinal system, a.k.a. your gut.

The other site where microbiome is found on the largest organ of your body – your skin. They reside on the surface of your skin, and this is harder to manage than your gut microbiome as it is exposed to the environment.

Why is it important to you (and your health)

Our respective microbiome profile is different from one another. It is kind of like our fingerprints, uniquely special to us individually. Microscopically, microbiome overtakes the number of our body cells by about 10:1, and is about 3% the weight of our body’s mass!

Your microbiome profile is technically an extension of yourself. Various factors affect the make up of our microbiome profile – age, gender, health status, what we eat, environmental influences, and even your stress levels.

Microbiome health can be observed through your body’s health state, in the likes of skin problems or stomach discomfort. A small imbalance in its numbers on your skin or gut can wreck havoc, with your “good bacteria” trying to fight the “bad bacteria”.

So to think of it, it is important to care for your microbiome likened to caring for a pet or a young child – it is delicate yet mighty to keeping your survival going!

How do Black Paint products support your microbiome and your health

Black Paint first and foremost believes in nourishing instead of sterilizing. We do not use any chemical agents in our products, such as synthetic surfactants, antiseptic agents, additives or alcohol in order to fully apply the benefits of organic & natural ingredients.

Our products awaken the skin steadily by providing it with vital minerals and water, as well as nutritional organic plant oils