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  • vegetable oil

    Vegetable Oil

    Soothes and softens skin Organic Oil-based makeup remover. Softens and nourishes skin pre-cleansing. mois
  • sencha

    Sencha Tea Soap 120g

    Say no more to acne Rich in vitamin C & Theanine which provides great nourishment to the skin and mo
  • matcha

    Matcha Tea Soap 120g

    Maintain an oil-free look Contains plenty of Carrageenan. Contains Pore-tightening effect, Anti-bacteri
  • houji

    Koicha Tea Soap 120g

    Premium pampering for skin The richest & highest grade tea. Helps slow down skin aging. Fights spot
  • houji

    Houjisencha Tea Soap 120g

    Sensitive no more! For delicate skin. To treat red face and dry skin.
  • Gyokuro soap - natural cleanser for dry skin

    Gyokuro Tea Soap 120g

    Youthful skin once again Helps prevent skin aging. Visibly fight skin sagging & smile lines.
  • black sponge

    Black Konjac Sponge

    Gentle facial exfoliator A 100% natural facial sponge made from konjac fibers that helps remove dead skin
  • Otto 8 soap is a daily facial cleanser that is gentle to skin.

    Otto 8 Soap 120g

    120g – 2 months of usage Morning wash’s best friend Otto 8 soap is a brown-sugar transparent
  • Chamomile soap by Black Paint is a gentle facial cleanser that suits sensitive skin users

    Chamomile Soap 120g

    120g – 2 months of usage Gentle and delicate wash Chamomile soap is a gentle cleansing soap that
  • White Paint soap has skin brightening effects (By Black Paint Singapore)

    White Paint Soap

    120g – 2 months of usage Brighter complexion for you White Paint is a wrinkle washing soap that co
  • Black Paint soap cleanses pores and removes impurities effectively (By Black Paint Singapore)

    Black Paint Soap

    60g: 2-3 months of usage  /  120g: 4 – 6 months of usage   Pore cleansing black beauty A gen