Best Water Drink

Mineral water with 30 types of daily essential minerals for your body


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What is Best Water Drink?

Your menstruation has negative effects reaching far beyond just the few days of discomfort. Your blood loss must be replenished with sufficient Iron. Your body needs Calcium and Magnesium to regulate cramp pain and mood swings. Beyond menses, your body needs 30 types of minerals for essential functions. Short term shortage shows up in deficiency syndrome, like headaches, cramps but long term shortage ends up in malnutrition and chronic diseases.


Ensuring the regular intake of all 30 types of minerals is troublesome. You cannot find a single type of meat or vegetable carrying all 30. You need to consciously rotate your diet mix, in order not to miss out any. Wouldn’t it be convenient to swallow all 30 minerals along a mouthful of water daily?


Our Best Water Drink is made to upkeep your healthy needs conveniently. Premium grade granite from Japan is used to extract the mineral salts dissolved in our Best Water. With 2 easy tablespoon mixed into your morning beverage, or drunk directly, you get all the essential minerals, nothing missing. A healthy body will show up with a healthy skin. Your skin becomes supple and your complexion radiant, making you bright and fresh.


The efficacy of our Best Water Drink has been proven by Monde Selection Award, a globally renown accolade in recognition of quality of a product. Best Water Drink was awarded “Grand Gold” grade, the highest grade achievable, equivalent in difficulty to a Michelin 3-Star.


Take this water, readily infused with your essential minerals, daily and your body will thank you.


1Sodium (Na)0.200274 mg
2Silicon (Si)46.0 mg
3Sulphur (S)14.0 mg
4Iron (Fe)8.17677mg
5Magnesium (Mg)3.32766mg
6Vanadium (V)2.1 mg
7Potassium (K)1.04349mg
8Calcium (Ca)0.334964mg
9Phosphorus (P)0.22479mg
10Bismuth (Bi)0.18 mg
11Manganese (Mn)0.085153mg
12Molybdenum (Mo)0.851536mg
13Boron (B)0.35 mg
14Zinc (Zn)0.16666mg
15Rubidium (Rb)0.13 mg
16Rhodium (Rh)0.081 mg
17Copper (Cu)0.0620159mg
18Chromium (Cr)0.0376785mg
19Lithium (Li)0.026mg
20Yttrium (Y)0.019 mg
21Nickel (Ni)0.0113741 mg
22Barium (Ba)0.0000089mg
23Zirconium (Zr)0.0000048mg
24Tungsten (W)0.00000089mg
25Titanium (Ti)0.00000001mg
26Scandium (Sc)0.00000001mg
27Cobalt (Co)0.000000001mg
28Selenium (Se) 
29Iodine (I) 
30Germanium (Ge) 


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