SPACE | 29 October 2016

An #EatMoveLove event

In a beautiful conservation house in the city of Singapore, 10 speakers will come together on a journey of exploration of SPACE through movement, sound, and breath.

Each speaker tackles a different aspect of the concept of SPACE from their own experience, philosophy, wisdom path, and personal and professional practice.

Why is SPACE important?

If you live in Singapore, you will more likely be highly aware that “SPACE IS PRIME”, be it in whatever form that you perceive it as. For many people, we are often taken away by the day’s, month’s or even year’s events. Are you being present in the moment? To recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the spaces that exist? We acknowledge that it could refer to the pause between our breaths, the space between our thoughts, the stillness that is within ourselves, and the vastness of all that is.

Stretching out for space in the middle of busyness is good for your health

The SPACE element is about our container and is also where the other elements dwell and move through. The SPACE element is also linked to the base of our throat and the expression of our truth, the freedom to move as we are and voice who we are.

Think of ‘quiet’ not as an absence of thought but as the space inside which the noise of your thinking arises. What makes this tricky, at least to begin with, is that at first glimpse the noise is more interesting than the quiet.


What is “EAT MOVE LOVE”?

EAT MOVE LOVE  is about what we do day to day, finding and choosing the entry point we resonate with to level up on where we want to be happier, healthier, and also embodying that lightness of being. It brings people together to dialogue and experience ancient wisdom and new concepts in a fun way.

We invite all of us to challenge our mindset so that we can show up more fully for our own lives, be more engaged and connected. By re-igniting our innate curiosity, anything is possible.

Challenging your body to it's limits to expand your movements

Who should be here?

Ask yourself these questions:
How healthy is your physical vessel? How do you connect with the spaces of other? How good are you at giving yourself space to seed, water, nurture, and harvest?

Perhaps you are facing a health challenge, standing at a crossroad, going through a loss or perhaps you are looking for something different, something new in life. What is holding you back? How do you discover what is already seeded and water what you want in your life? Is it time to stop holding your breath, exhale, and step into your life?

We invite you to join us at this event filled with self-discovery, love, and the space to be who you want to be.

Self-love starts from you to be a happier version of yourself.

How do I join?

BLACK PAINT Singapore is dedicated to sharing and educating the community on the importance of the holistic concept of wellness. We believe in “you are what you eat” and that diet and lifestyle will affect your skin’s condition and overall health.

In support of that philosophy, BLACK PAINT Singapore is proudly partnering with What Therapy to promote wellness through visual social engagement. In this year’s event, we will also be showcasing Black Paint®’s INTO Series Essential Oils, and there will be neck/shoulder & hand massages to demonstrate our oils.

Aroma oils can aid in keeping you calm, helping you get through stressful situations, or ground you.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event <3

Article adaptation courtesy of Sandra Tonkinson, EAT MOVE LOVE