Start Your Day Right With 5 Simple Steps!

Mornings are usually draggy if you aren’t a morning person. So, here are 5 things you should do at the start of your day to get you through!

Don’t snooze! Don’t even think about it!

In order to start your day right at the beginning, it’s how you should wake up. According to one of the Huffington post, snoozing causes your brain to be confused, which makes your body feel more tired than it should be.

Perhaps from tonight onward, place your alarm clock or phones away from you, with a good distance that forces you to get up and out of bed to reach for it.

Let the sun shine into the room

Open the blinds or curtains as soon as you wake up. Let the morning sun shine through your room or living room. Even if the sun is not out yet during the time you arise, that’s okay! It’s the motion (see next tip!) that tells you, “IT’S RISE AND SHINE!”

Stretch it out!

Start your day right with stretching! If time permits get some simple yoga poses going – real easy! For certified yoga instructor, Brett Larkin, 15 minutes yoga every morning helps keep her awake and energized the whole day without needing any caffeine.

Yoga stretches have plenty of health benefits, including detoxing your body.
(watch the video below)

Prepare a to-do list

Use the time during breakfast to jot down a list of things you have to complete, or goals you would like to achieve on the day itself. Even if it is just a task to pick up the clothes off your room floor, note it down!

By jotting down, it allows the chance for you to clear your brain, improve its to function, and remember things better. You would discover that by doing that it would more productive for you.


What is more important than making sure your skin looks fabulous before heading out for work/date? Okay, aside from the most important task of brushing your teeth… you get what I mean?

Morning skin care routine acts as a reminder for you love yourself, and is willing to take care of yourself because life is tough enough! Make sure to set aside some time for some mini pampering session, and this applies to all men out there, too! I am sure you don’t want a bursting ugly pimple sitting right in front of your nose while talking to your boss on a major project, right?

Get these 5 things going, and everything will work its own magic!