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BLACK PAINT is built on the concept that healthy skin is in the health of our microbiome, the bacteria all over our body.

The microbiome is an ecosystem of microorganisms that live in mutualism with our bodies, especially on our skin & in our gut.


Your microbiome lives off nutrients from substances such as fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals. Your selected skincare set contains natural ingredients with these substances to nourish and keep your microbiome healthy
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Our Founder: Miyuki Maeda

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I had hormone imbalance during my puberty that causes red rashes on my face. I tried on so many products and even consulted dermatologist but to no avail and because they contain chemical substances that worsened my skin :(After using White Paint Soap and Rose Oil, my skin feels so much healthier as it adjusted the acidity level to the optimum level.The natural ingredients in Black Paint helps to rejuvenate my skin and I can finally go out without putting on foundation! So far, Black Paint is the best and most natural skin product I ever used. Definitely worth the price!
Yushann koh
Yushann koh
18:38 13 May 18
I used to have clogged pore problem due to oily skin. Have been using so many well known products, but was disappointed with the results. Hence, I felt so frustrated, I stumble upon the Black Paint soap and Best Water. Thought I would give it a try as I was desperate. After using it religiously according to the instructions, I can feel the texture of my skin changed after 10 days of using. It is a natural and organic product, it can give me a feeling of pure natural cleansing effect that no other expensive products can solve my problem. I am a satisfied customer.
Choo Esther
Choo Esther
10:21 27 May 18
Since I have a dry skin, I used “German Blue” and “Best Water” as my first initial item. I’m satisfied now!?because after of more than a week of using it, I feel my skin is really soft, tender and glowing:)
anne manabat
anne manabat
05:21 21 May 18
I can say, white paint soap after more than a month of using it, it gives me a glowing skin result and it lightens as well my slight pigmentation on my cheeks. Now on my 2nd bar and I like it!:) Satisfied consumer!
Karen Calinawan
Karen Calinawan
05:39 26 May 18
I first got Black Paint's water cream and absolutely fall in love with it the moment I applied on my skin! It's cooling and smooth to application, after that my skin feels velvety smooth. I am on my 3rd tubs already 🙂 Give Black Paint's Water Cream a try if you enjoy gel like moisturiser!
Miyo Han
Miyo Han
08:08 07 Jul 17
My sister recommended me this chamomile soap for my sensitive skin. At first I skeptical about it but after using for months, I realized my skin texture improved and my blemishes reduced. Additionally, I'm using together with Konjac Sponge, Best water and oil water rose for faster and better result. I love my skin now! 😊
prei manabat
prei manabat
13:47 03 Sep 18
have been a loyal customer since 2016. Ostrich balm not only helps to moisturise my face but also reduces my wrinkles around my eyes. i no longer need to buy many different types of skin care because it encompasses all the functions.
Leehong Tan
Leehong Tan
14:36 13 Sep 18


Brightening Facial Cleanser
Best Water Premium 100ml (front)
Hydrating Mineral Water
Nourishing Facial Essence

Water Cream Rose Lavender

Moisturizer & Primer

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  • Artificial Colourants
  • Synthetic Antiseptics
  • Alcohol
  • Synthetics Surfactant
  • Synthetic Aroma Chemicals
  • Synthetic Disinfectants