BLACK PAINT Microbiome Skincare

Black Paint's Founder Mrs Maeda, who through her love for her child found cure to their ailments through nutritional discoveries

BLACK PAINT was founded by Miyuki Maeda. Her life was turned upside-down when her baby daughter suffered from a gruelling condition. For unknown reasons, toxins were building up too quickly in her little body, faster than what her kidney could discharge. Excess toxins oozed through her skin, and her tiny body was covered in blueish rashes, crying in itch and pain.

The condition was diagnosed incurable. Effort was considered futile by every doctor. Seeing her baby suffer broke Miyuki’s heart. She spent everyday in despair.

Rain does not fall on one person alone.
The sky is surely blue above everyone.

Miyuki’s motto taught her that misfortune happens to anyone, but everyone has a chance of redemption. Determined to grasp her own destiny, she searched for a cure from modern knowledge to ancient wisdom, across affluent countries to undeveloped tribes.

She saw light when she came across beneficial bacteria. Microbiome that lives symbiotically in our bodies are essential to our well-being. Inside our body, it breaks down nutrients and toxins and protects us against diseases. On our skin, it consumes impurities and balances our skin complexion. We should nourish it through organic ingredients and probiotics, and it brings us reciprocal benefits.

Empowered with knowledge on microbiome, Miyuki completely healed her daughter. With heartfelt gratitude, she wants to give back to the society with her hard-won wisdom of microbiome’s benefit on health and beauty.

In the year 1998, she founded BLACK PAINT.


Microorganisms living on our skin includes good (beneficial) bacteria and bad bacteria. Conventional skincare products emphasize on sterilizer and synthetic preservatives, annihilating good bacteria together with the bad.

BLACK PAINT believes in nourishing instead of sterilizing.

With dedicated effort, products are formulated to nourish good bacteria, balancing their ratio against the bad.

To achieve this, Miyuki assembled from the best sources across the globe more than 100 types of premium plant oils, 50 types of fine essential oils, 30 types of minerals and Kishu Bichotan Charcoal. Besides nourishing microbiome, each ingredient alone has direct beauty benefit.

With persistent effort to improve product effectiveness and quality, BLACK PAINT achieved the 10th consecutive year of Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award in 2019. This award is globally renowned award run by International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium, equivalent in difficulty to a 3-star Michelin accolade.

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