Anti-aging foods that you eat daily

We all live for food, most of us. Some of us find food to be comforting, some of us find food to be beneficial to our body, and some of us find joy in food. Whatever your reasons are, you are what you eat.

The foundation of our overall health comes from the foods that we eat. So when it comes to anti-aging, we ought to turn to our food sources for optimizing our natural youth.

In today article, we want to let you know of the everyday foods we eat that are surprisingly good for anti-aging purposes.

Everyday anti-aging foods


Oats are complex carbohydrates that have a are low glycemic-index, which helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels. They contain beta-glucan, a complex carbohydrate in a form of fibre. It has the potential to reduce wrinkles and rehydrate skin though filling in the cell membranes of your skin.


The anti-aging key here is Oleic Acid, which is a highly effective antioxidant. Avocado also has healthy fats, potassium, and fibre that adds up a beneficial to your overall health. 

Anti-aging foods include avocado, cucumber, and oats - helps you have smoother skin.


It’s a very hydrating vegetable and that’s what a young-looking skin needs. Silica is the key to anti-aging here, as it also benefits to your joints, bones and connective tissues. It also heals chapped, dry lips instantly. 


Eggs contain Amino Acids (proteins), which are another important factor for anti-aging, but it is also an element that keeps your body functioning properly. This is a good news for me because I love eggs in all forms! #hooray

Consuming eggs and tomatoes are actually helping your skin have anti-aging effects!


Citrulline in watermelon have detoxifying effects, it boosts your immune system, helps metabolism, and keeps your acid level balanced. But, try to take watermelon immediately after it’s cut open. Who could have guessed that watermelon helps you look young?! 


 Cooked tomatoes contain Lycopene that is very high in antioxidants! That is no wonder my mom who is almost reaching 60 years old have no visible wrinkles (even though she have a darker skin tone than I am). She always urged us to take more tomatoes together with eggs. Now we know her secret!

*Food to be consumed in moderation.