Halal Certification

Explains why USA, Malaysia and Japan set up halal certifying bodies. Compare each country’s advantages vs challenges to deduce their success and quality.

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The Science to Reverse Aging

When the years catch on with us, we might find ourselves overwhelmed by changes in our bodies. Many would dread aging symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines. However, it is possible to age gracefully, with each year bringing new possibilities.

The Science of Aging

Aging is what we cannot avoid. What’s the science behind aging, and how we can counteract this inevitable process?

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What Is The Best Body pH?

The scientist who discovered cancer cells is quoted saying that cancer and chronic disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. Maintaining a normal range of body pH balance is an important factor for good health.


Cold Press Oil, Cold Process Soap: Benefits Of Making In “Cold”

Of late, “cold press” juice is trendy. The term “cold press” refers to using only pressure to extract without using heat or chemicals. This method renders minimized effect on the extraction’s consistency by avoiding foreign ingredients or high temperatures. It also retains the aroma, flavor, and nutritional value of the extraction. Beyond juices, “cold press” …

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Peer Pressure Impact on Health: For Women Aged 25 to 29 & Natural Remedies

Although it is mostly experienced during the teenage years, peer pressure surrounds anything that involves influence from friends to family. Usually, the term refers to socially undesirable behaviours that we consciously or subconsciously take on. If we are not careful in the decisions we make in order to fit into society, we may be doing …

Japanese culture creates quality outcomes

Japanese Culture: Foundation to Great Products

Japanese products are well-known for their best standards and quality, but what attributes of the Japanese culture relate to this remarkable differences for mass choice of Japanese products?

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Understanding Halal Skincare

A global boom in the halal skincare industry has raised many questions in the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslims with a religious upbringing are becoming more aware of impure ingredients used in the cosmetic industry. This new information has led many to discover the truth behind halal and haram concerning skincare products. This article …

How I Overcame Dry Skin

There are many factors that affect dry skin, from skin disorders to simply dietary choices. This is a journey of a young woman on a mission to find healing in her skin problems.

Halal skincare is truly a wonderful celebration of life, beauty, and spiritual practice

How To Take Good Care of the Skin in the Holy Month of Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims practice a different daily routine from normal. Such a change will affect the body’s regularity, creating a cascading effect. This article goes into detail on steps to counteract the change, to maintain a healthy and energetic body and skin.


Natural Insect Repellents

Repellent kills with toxicity. Doing harm to insects harms ourselves too. This article explain how we can manage better, or even use natural alternatives.

The Cure of a Mother’s Love

What lengths would you go to, to find answers for your loved ones? As Black Paint’s founder, Mrs Maeda shares her story of success to treating her and her daughter’s health when all else showed signs of impossibility.

Black Paint's Founder Mrs Maeda, who through her love for her child found cure to their ailments through nutritional discoveries

Loves never goes away – A Mother’s Day story

Every brand has its very own brand story, so does BLACK PAINT! In conjunction with Mother’s Day, we would like to share this amazing story of a mother’s love and determination to find a cure for both herself and her daughter.