4 Simple Techniques to prevent Wrinkles & Sagging!

We have always wanted to know the secret to preventing wrinkles and face sagging.

Is there an inexpensive way to achieve it? We believe we might have found the answer!

face yoga to prevent wrinkle and sagging

Introducing Face Yoga

You know all about yoga poses, don’t we? Cobra pose, Sun Salutations, Warrior pose – now there’s face yoga!

Founded by Fumiko Takatsu, The Face Yoga Method is renowned as an effective tool in enhancing your facial beauty, the all-natural way! It has proven to show great improvement in skin elasticity, skin firmness, and facial muscle strengthening. While performing face yoga, you will also be increasing circulation to your face. This allows fresh oxygen to circulate throughout your face, allowing you to look fresh!

For simplicity sake, we have selected four simple techniques that you can try! Easy to perform at any time of the day, at home or at work! Just remember to repeat each step 6 to 10 times for the best effect.

 1. The V

Do your eyes look un-energetic? Time to liven it up! Start your sequences with the “V”. It reduces eye bags and prevents eyelid-dropping, and clears out crows-feet lines!

Face Yoga The V

  • Press both middle fingers together in the inner corner of the eyebrow.
  • Look up towards the ceiling,  do a quick squint and relax.

2. The Giraffe

We tend to forget that our necks are equally important for achieving youthful looks! This method not only reduces neck wrinkles and loose skin. The motions used in the “Giraffe” also promotes lymphatic drainage around your neck.

Face Yoga The Giraffe








  • Look straight ahead.
  • Place your fingertips at the joint of your neck & jaw.
  • Start to tilt your head back gently while lightly stroking the skin downwards.

3. The Smile Smoother

There’s a line that forms between your nose and mouth when you smile. Is it getting deeper as you age? That is because that area is starting to lack in collagen and is dehydrated. Reactivate your collagen-production with the “Smile Smoother”. It is also great for stretching out your jaws!









  • Hide your teeth by rolling your lips inwards, making an “O” shape with your mouth.
  • Try to smile as widely as you can without losing the “O” shape.
  • To hold it “O” shape in place, place your index finger on your chin, and start moving your jaw up and down.
  • You may tilt your head back slightly to increase the tension of the stretch.

4. Smooth the Brow

Another “smile-line” that gets frowned upon are the lines on your forehead. Just like the line appearing around your mouth, forehead-lines are the most obvious wrinkles for most people.

This technique will not only help reduce these lines but is also a good one to use when you are having a headache! Two-in-one effects, totally awesome!

Face Yoga Smooth The brow








  • Place fingertips of both hands in the middle of the forehead (as shown in picture). Spread your fingers out so it covers from your hairline to your eyebrows.
  • Start sweeping your fingers horizontally (left and right) from the centre towards the sides of your temples.
  • Apply a light pressure across your forehead as you are doing this. This will help tighten skin.

We hope that the Face Yoga will help you in achieving beautiful, youthful skin (bye bye wrinkles & sagging!). Aside from that, we hope that you can experience it will a relaxed mind and awareness of natural beauty, inside and out. Let us know how you go with it! #lovenaturally