Konjac Sponge: Different Types, Uses and Benefits

Serene is a local here in Singapore. Just like most of us, she has seen her fair share of acne. Having been a victim of clogged pores and itchy blemishes, Serene has faced high levels of insecurity, always worried about her uneven skin tone. Constantly feeling the need to conceal her spots with makeup, her problem does not seem to be improving. It worsens during her periods!

Desperate for a solution, Serene tried and tested various skin care products and remedies, but none of them made a difference! From raved-about facial solutions to highly-acclaimed acne treatments – none did much to improve her skin health.

There had to be something that would not only leave her skin soft, but that would also unclog Serene’s pores. In a perfect world, this magical product would remove the dry skin and excess oil that her skin was producing, fighting off the acne-causing bacteria so that breakouts would be a thing of her past.

Think about the options you have available to manage your acne issue

Sounds good, right? But, does such an effective product actually exist? And, if it does, is there any chance it would be affordable?

Thankfully, the answer is YES!

What is konjac sponge?

Konjac is a Japanese herb that grows in most parts of Asia. The konjac sponge is made using the roots of the konjac plant, also known as “konnyaku”. Used especially in Japan and Korea, it can do a whole lot of good for your skin!

The konjac sponge is naturally made, and contain naturally-healing ingredients. These special ingredients can help nourish the skin and sustain its health, giving you the radiant, flawless glow every woman wants!

Konjac sponge: Ingredients

The root of the konjac plant contains a type of dietary fibre called “glucomannan”. This fibre helps the skin maintain its moisture levels, which is why they also aid in diminishing those pesky wrinkles and fine lines! By using a konjac sponge, your skin will quickly become silky smooth, hydrated and naturally radiant.

Konjac contains important minerals, such as zinc, copper, and magnesium, which is another reason why it is so effective at restoring your skin’s health.

  • Zinc helps protect the skin from environmental triggers, such as the heat from the sun.
  • Copper strengthens the skin by making it firmer.
  • Magnesium offers the same benefits as fibres for your skin – ensuring that it stays well hydrated throughout the day.

And that’s not all.

The vitamins you’ll find in this miracle herb, including Vitamins A, C, and E, also play a major role in repairing your skin, ensuring that it maintains its health year-round. These nutrients are essential for anti-aging and are one of the best ways to keep you looking young and vibrantly healthy!

Konjac sponge is derived from a plant, and contains many nutrients as well.

Konjac sponge benefits

Before discovering the konjac sponge, Serene’s skin would break out every other week. It felt like she was constantly battling new zit after new zit. And, just when she thought things were under control, an entire cluster of acne would appear – and at the most frustrating moments possible. As her acne got worse, it became more and more difficult for Serene to keep from scratching her breakout zones. She knew that constantly irritating her face would make the acne even more problematic, but she just couldn’t help it.

Thankfully, she learned about the konjac sponge and started using it immediately. After just a few uses, Serene couldn’t believe how much better her skin was looking. Not only was she seeing fewer breakouts each day, but in weeks her skin was almost perfectly clear. And, after a few months, her skin looked perfectly healthy – no sign of breakouts, no scars, no uneven complexion. And all because she used just one seemingly simple sponge.

Yes, the konjac sponge really is that amazing.

Once you start using it, you’ll begin to reveal the natural glow you’ve been wanting, the one that has been hiding underneath the dull, flaky, irritated surface of your current skin.

Use of konjac sponge for facial cleansing is beneficial for deep-pore cleansing

How does it work?

First off, it exfoliates your skin without using any ingredients or materials that are unnatural. Because the konjac sponge gently removes dry and dead skin, it allows for new, healthy skin cells to rise to the surface. And, as they do, you’ll begin to notice that brighter, glowing complexion you’ve been dreaming of.

It is suitable for all skin types.

An exfoliator, yes, but the konjac sponge is safe to use on all skin types because it is naturally so gentle. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, you can use a konjac sponge. Most importantly, one of the best benefits of the konjac sponge is that it won’t damage or destroy your skin’s natural barrier, something it needs in order to fight against bacteria. The more you use your konjac sponge, the more you’ll also remove all of the excess oil produced by the skin. This action unclogs pores and will prevent further breakouts from occurring altogether.

Konjac sponges are the gentlest exfoliators available, suitable for all skin types

It is simple to use.

Women who have discovered the konjac sponge love it because it is a small, handheld beauty tool that is also simple to use. Because every woman knows how to use a sponge properly, there is almost zero margin for error. That means that the results you want are the results you’ll get! So many beauty tools require you to learn how to use them properly in order to be effective. And, if you don’t do something just right, they won’t do what they’re supposed to.

One of the reasons the konjac sponge is so effective for so many women is because it really is one of the most basic tools you can use. In order to get the clear, glowing skin you want, all you need to do is use the sponge with your regular face cleanser. As an added bonus, taking care of the sponge is super easy too.

It is easy to clean.

Because the natural fibres of the konjac sponge allow it to dry quickly in between each use, it prevents the growth of bacteria or moulds all on its own – no special washing or cleaning required in order to keep it effective.

Different konjac sponges and how to choose the right one.

If you’re anything like Serene, searching desperately for a solution that will finally give you the beautiful, clear, healthy-looking skin you want, then the konjac sponge is absolutely for you. While you might be conditioned to think that healthy skin requires a lot of effort (and expensive products), the truth is that nature has the answer – and it’s easier than you’ve ever imagined. The konjac sponge really is the beauty tool you’ve been looking for. It will help you achieve perfect, younger-looking skin faster than any other product on the market.

How do I find the right one?

Available in a range of different shapes and sizes, finding the right konjac sponge depends on the type of skin you have. While you’ll see konjac sponges in a variety of shapes, the round and tear-drop styles are the best for your face because they’re able to get into the contours, especially around the often problematic skin close to your nose.

Below is an easy guide to reference when shopping for a konjac sponge. As you’ll notice, most konjac sponges are coded by colour and designed to treat specific skin issues.


How it’s made

The colour of purity, white konjac sponges are made of 100% pure konjac root.

How it works
  • Re-balance your skin’s pH level thanks to the alkaline nature of the konjac plant.
  • Keep your skin moisturized, clean and exfoliated. Just use with your favourite cleanser regularly!
Skin type

Choose this sponge if you have great-looking skin (even tone, no pigmentation, no dry skin, no flakes, no visible pores) that you are just wanting to maintain.


How it’s made

The colour of this konjac sponge comes from its red clay.

How it works
  • Keeps skin hydrated while also cleansing it of impurities, such as clogged pores and dead skin cells.
  • Helps repair the skin by increasing blood circulation.
  • Helps in reducing the appearance of many signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Restore your skin’s suppleness while also improving its elasticity.
Skin type

If you have dry skin, this red konjac sponge is for you! Dry skin happens when your skin lacks moisture and, as a side effect, your face looks dull and saggy.

It’s a great choice for women that are outside much of the day or those who are exposed to air conditioning units in the office because the red konjac sponge will soothe even the most irritated (or sunburnt) skin.


How it’s made

This sponge is made with a combination of red and white clay.

How it works
  • Gentle and soothing, it softens your skin by exfoliating the layers of dead skin cells.
  • Helps your skin generate new cells, which will improve your overall appearance and help you get the healthy skin you’ve been wanting!
Skin type

The pink clay used in this konjac sponge helps with the extremely sensitive skin by providing even more moisture

It’s the ideal konjac sponge if you have sensitive skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, or other types of skin inflammation.


How it’s made

This sponge is created with green clay.

How it works
  • Help to protect skin against bacteria, dirt, and oil.
  • Beneficial for women with generally normal skin types but suffer from occasional zits.
  • The specific minerals found in green clay are helpful for repairing skin cells while simultaneously removing unwanted oil and grime.
Skin type

This konjac sponge is specially designed for oily and combination skin types.

Women with oily skin may want to consider the green konjac sponge. The green clay draws out the excess sebum and impurities on your face. This leaves your pores clog-free and your skin tone even and radiant.

Oily t-zone but with dry patches on your cheeks? For those with a combination skin type, you can also benefit from the green clay. Its properties can help to control the amount of oil produced by your skin. All the while, it is still giving moisture to the areas of your face that are dry.


How it’s made

This sponge type is crafted with bamboo charcoal, which gives it it’s distinct black colour.

How it works
  • Protects the skin as it controls the skin’s secretion of oil and exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  • When used regularly, the black konjac sponge can prevent acne breakouts from happening altogether.
Skin type

The black sponge is the best solution for acne-prone or problematic skin. The bamboo charcoal infused in the sponge reduces breakouts by getting rid of the excess sebum produced by the skin.

For Serene, this sponge was the perfect choice to handle her overly active sebaceous glands. The glands were the culprit behind the production of the excess natural oils on her skin! Within weeks of using her konjac sponge, Serene began to notice major improvements. Not only did her skin look brighter, but it was soft to the touch and much less red. Thanks to the konjac sponge, Serene was finally able to go out without covering her blemishes with makeup. Serene felt naturally beautiful, more confident, and happy in her own skin.

How to use your konjac sponge correctly

There are specific steps to follow if you want the best results from your konjac tools! Because it is initially rock hard, soak the sponge in warm water before putting it to your skin. It will soften and be gentle enough for skin exfoliation, without damaging the skin’s surface. Because it is safe for daily use, it helps your skin shed millions of old, dead skin cells every day. No wonder it helps your skin look and feels so much better quicker!

Use your konjac sponge correctly with step by step information

Cleanse your face

For Serene, she washes her face with warm water to allow her pores to open up. This makes it easier for the konjac sponge to unclog her pores, leaving her skin clean of impurities. After washing with her favourite facial cleanser, Serene would then use the konjac sponge directly on to her clean face. She then massages her skin with the sponge in a circular motion, as it helps to improve the blood circulation. This is key to helping Serene’s skin be restored thus boosting the skin restoration! Better blood flow means improved regeneration of skin cells, making your skin look younger and firmer.

Serene has areas on her face with blackheads and dry-flaking skin. She will spend more time on those areas while avoiding wounds such as acne blemishes. These are usually in the process of healing, so “sponging” them will aggravate the pimples and zits.

fresh face after every use of konjac sponge

Squeeze your sponge dry

After she is done cleaning with the sponge, she squeezed the excess water from the sponge by flattening it with her hands, and pat dries it with a towel before letting it air-dry. Wringing the sponge can cause its lifespan to shorten, as the fibres will deteriorate faster this way. So be sure to avoid doing that.

Replace your sponge monthly

The good thing about having an all-natural sponge is that you can toss it away every month (or use it for up to three months). This prevents bacteria build-up and you don’t have to worry about harming the environment. The konjac sponge is 100% biodegradable, making it easily disposable. (This is also really good news for your wallet because it means that the konjac sponge is affordable enough to be replaced once every few months!)

The right care for your sponge

To keep her sponge in a good condition during the month of use, Serene has learnt that it is best not to use her sponge with her cleanser, but instead use them separately. This is because the enzymes or yeast ingredients found in soap cleansers would deteriorate and dissolve the sponge’s fibre quicker. To prolong the life of the sponge, Serene also keeps her sponge in an air-tight container in the fridge to maintain its shape and minimize bacterial growth.

Hang up your sponge to dry it out after using.

Great care, great results!

Serene is happy with her konjac sponge and now takes great care of it so it will last longer. No longer does she feel insecure or embarrassed of her blotchy skin. She received regular exfoliation from using the sponge and ditched her facial scrubs. Her skin is smoother and less oily too.

Knowing the benefits as well as the optimizing the use of the konjac sponge is important to make sure you achieve the results you desire. Learn with Serene to make the most of your konjac sponge, and you will have brighter and softer skin!