The Cure of a Mother’s Love

What lengths would you go to, to find answers for your loved ones?

The founding of the Black Paint brand was out of love from a mother, hoping to find a cure for herself and her daughter. As Black Paint’s founder, Mrs Maeda shares her story to success.

The struggles

Kidney Diseases

From an early age, Mrs Maeda suffered from kidney problems (nephritis) and had tremendous difficulty giving birth to her daughter. Lo and behold, her daughter was diagnosed with the same kidney condition she had. Such disease prevented her daughter’s body from eliminating waste materials efficiently. With the medical technology that was available at that time, no doctor was able to provide a solution, all stating that their condition is impossible to cure. 

Perhaps because of the kidney disease, her daughter also suffered from rashes all over her body. Seeing her daughter suffer as she scratched at her itchy skin, Mrs Maeda was filled with emotions of anxiety and despair. With her own illness was worsening at the same time, Mrs Maeda was unable to envision a future for them.


Searching for answers

She would not accept that there would not be a cure for this kidney disease and became totally obsessed to find a cure.

Rain does not fall on one person alone. The sky is surely blue above everyone…

With that, she became committed to finding a cure for her and her daughter’s ailment. She decided to independently study natural therapies for enhancing the body’s natural healing powers, and tackle their illnesses head-on. Spending each day obsessively trying out various therapies on herself, her determination is admirable!

Learning journey

One day, she learned about the primary cause of illnesses, which is about nutrients decaying in the intestines and becoming toxic. This was a huge revelation for Mrs Maeda, as it lead to the discovery and continuous research on the most importing thing to human health – intestinal microorganisms.

Through the new academic field of human intestinal bacteriology, the difference between health and disease had become quite clear. It was precisely this encounter with intestinal bacteriology that provided the key to her revelation for better health. As described by Mrs Maeda, “it is an ending this long winter, miraculously melting the snow and summoning the spring“. Winter depicting the anxiety and pain experienced by both Mrs Maeda and her daughter, and spring to bring about a change for the better.

All is not lost when humans succumb to disease but rather when they give up

She learned and realized that it is normal and healthy to have a colony of healthy-functioning bacteria growing on our skin, but if damaged this will diminish the skin’s natural healing powers. She managed her own health with various methods, and gradually with learning about beneficial bacteria, she treated and healed her daughter’s condition as well as her own! She shares gratitude towards everyone who has contributed to her success in health and wellness.

The secret to health

The secret to health is to provide your body with the right nutrients to feed these beneficial bacteria. This led to the formulation of a skin care regime to protect healthy bacteria residing on our skin, known as the microbiome. We understand that we are what we eat, but whatever that we apply onto our skin affects our microorganism balance as well. For skin care, healthy skin stems from feeding nutrients to support and feed beneficial microorganisms, rather than sterilize or over-disinfecting the skin. In other words, feed your skin bacteria with the right healthy foods, and your skin’s natural radiance will shine through.

Going natural is a longer slower process, but the results are sustainable and satisfying!


As Mrs Maeda was able to face her illness by the lessons that she has learned from the experiences of the ancestors, her life transformed slowly but gradually. With that, she was saved by ‘invisible gods’ – microorganisms residing in her body. It is her mission to pass on this gratitude so that others get a chance to experience “spring” in their lives.