Lip Care

Kissable lips is easy to achieve as long as you know the cause of it. In this post, I will be sharing with you a few causes of why you get chapped lips and how we can deal with them no more. We all deserved a kissable moisturized lips not just for kissing (of course) but to look good in our overall appearance every day!

What causes chapped lips?

There are many reasons that might cause your lips to cracked and dry up, here are the common reasons.

Lip balm

Lip balm that is badly formulated with drying ingredient like alcohol, and without beneficial essential oil or contain too much wax can be drying to the lips. It should serve as a purpose to instant hydrate your lips on the go and not dry them even further after applying them. Matt lipstick and lip gloss dry them out fast too. Make sure to carefully read the ingredients list if not cut down on the frequency of using lip products.


In a tube of toothpaste, it contains a huge amount of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and we know how bad it affects our body. SLS is able to get into our blood veins and possibly paralyze us. SLS is one of the many bad effects it causes besides alcohol. Try switching to a greener toothpaste, they cost about the same price as commercial toothpaste.


Sorry to let you know, beverages that contain caffeine is a culprit to chapped lips! Caffeine dehydrates your body quickly as it is a diuretic. Basically, it draws out water from your body. So you think that you drank a lot of “water” but which types of “water” are your drinking makes a huge impact. If you need the coffee try making a switch to decaf ones.

Licking of own lips

How is it so? When you lick your lips, it leaves a layer of saliva. This layer evaporates quickly and dehydrates your lips. As you repeatedly lick your lips it sucks out more moisture, therefore it becomes an on-going cycle that further dehydrates your lips. Dehydrated skin hardens over time causing your lips to be rougher, so stop licking your lips.

But… don’t worry! Watched the video below on how to heal chapped lips with just a few simple items. (I personally love the cucumber method!) Take extra care on your lips like how you would care for your skin. Lips can get tanned too so sunscreen for lips is important.

Make sure to always keep them moisturized with natural products, especially we stayed in an air-condition environment whole day long.