Loves never goes away – A Mother’s Day story

How did Black Paint come about?

Every brand has its very own brand story, so does BLACK PAINT! In conjunction with Mother’s Day, we would like to share this amazing story of a mother’s love and determination to find a cure for both herself and her daughter, when every doctor told her that no medicine can cure their kidney disease.

Grateful to our founder Mrs Miyuki Maeda, she not only cured hers and her daughter’s kidney disease, but she also brought across an important message about the existence of gut microorganisms and it’s relation to our skin health. Microorganisms are naturally living on our skins, and these microorganisms have been identified as MICROBIOME.

The young Mrs, Maeda worked in a huge company in Japan and discovered that chemicals are largely used in cosmetics! She also realized that chemicals could be the cause of her untreatable kidney disease because she realizes that the daily products used at home are the potential culprits in making her condition worse, leaving her still unwell.

Determined to find a cure, she travelled around the world. She found that communities of people who put extra care in their diet plus using less of chemical products have minimal to no health nor skin issues.

Through the slow care method and eliminating the use of chemical products, Mrs Maeda and her daughter Minako were able to overcome their severe kidney disease.

We have summarized the Brand Story for your better understanding. Keep a lookout for more visuals of BLACK PAINT’s Brand story that we cannot wait to share them with you!

Black Paint's background story

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